Yo guys!! I need some feedback on this one - a cover for the story seen in this, this, and this.

Yo guys!! I need some feedback on this one - a cover for the story seen in this, this, and this.


I love how EVIL DEAD II (1987) doesn’t even pretend to have a 3-act structure. The whole film is, essentially, Increasingly Terrible Things Happen to Bruce Campbell. In a sense, it’s almost post-modern.


oh my god okay you know how it goes articuno, zapdos, moltres


what are the other two legendary sex toys

orgasmatruno and anetres



this lady continues to tell me that “well you made the choice to be fat, so this is the kind of stuff you have to put up with, this is why obesity is such a problem, because no one wants to take accountability”


and i proceeded to correct her—

i am a respite care…



I’m sorry I was asked to do the thing and I could not resist doing the thing I’m sorry ahhhhahahaha..ha

such delight :-) just what I needed this morning.

doey, dott, courtne, aleheather

what the fuck man what’s with the overload JESUS FINE

doey is like… emotionally unstable and impressionable young woman who still hasn’t really found herself gets manipulated by a convicted criminal who has done nothing but dropped girls on their asses once he was done with them

dott is pretty awesome actually i have a lot to say about that but it would take too much time so i’ll just say it’s a relationship that i think is both practical and fitting considering the characteristics of the two individuals

aleheather is unrealistic-cute-girl-who-is-an-evil-manipulative-jerk and unrealistic-cute-boy-who-is-an-evil-manipulative-jerk and courtne is the preppy version of that

lyler and nizzy

lyler’s like… scaredy-cat jock and airhead blonde but not really and it turns out to be a pretty stable relationship with the least amount of issues internally? s’pretty cool

and then like nizzy is the ship with georgia of the jungle and the king of douchey nerds yeah that’s the one right

send me total drama ships and i will explain them in the best possible way i can with my limited shipping knowledge

(inspired by this)

i started calling a coworker cabbage patch every time I see him I go "Hey cabbage patch!" and he looks at me weird i don't know why nothing about him resembles a patch of cabbages

dan why are you telling me this

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